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Oh, brave hero! Embark on an adventure through a harrowing dungeon, full of puzzles and fearsome bosses that stand in your way. Find the Master Blade and other sacred MacGuffin--I mean, relics, to defeat the servants of Garon, and start on thine quest to save the Kingdom of Hirool!

And you can only do this through reading paragraphs of text and clicking on links to progress!

Navigate the ancient chambers and corridors of the Sky Palace.

Interact with a variety of items to solve puzzles.

Meet a small cast of memorable characters, from your very helpful and not at all annoying or overbearing fairy companion Nari, to the cold and biting wit of The Statue.

Oh, brave hero! Begin your quest! Save this world! Play The Legend of... (Definitely not Zelda)

All sounds and music come from freesound.com and incompetech.com

Background image by Jairo Antonio Sanchez Velandia

All other images, and all writing, by Team PineCat.

The Legend of... was made in Twine.

Further credits (names and links to specific sounds and image) are located in-game, from the title screen.

Made withTwine
TagsText based, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Download the .html file and the 2 sound .zip files that contain all of the sound files used in the game.

Place all of the contents of the .zip files in the same folder as the .html file. Open the .html file to play! (Do not open with Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge, as this browser does not support .wav files.)


The Legend of.html 6 MB
Sound Files 1.zip 336 MB
Sound Files 2.zip 402 MB

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